Here’s 6 Facts About Marijuana That Will Blow Your Mind

Here’s 6 Facts About Marijuana That Will Blow Your Mind

Some people see marijuana as something that simply gets you high. Yes, it certainly does get you high, but there’s so much more to it than that. There are tons of documents that support the fact that marijuana has many health benefits. Here are six facts that you may not of been aware of, from health benefits to truly bizarre .

1. Beer and cannabis are botanically related Photo credit According to Popular Science, cannabis and hops-which is the flower that is used as a flavoring agent in beer- apparently have similar taste and smell . Hops and cannabis are a part of the same botanical family called Cannabaceae. For those of you who like to enjoy an ice cold India pale ale, it’s probably because it reminds you of what you like to roll up and smoke.

2. Marijuana can make your lungs healthier, even if you smoke cigarettes Photo credit Yes, you read it correctly, marijuana can actually improve your lung health! Many folks will tell you that it does more damage than cigarettes, but they are severely misinformed. Unlike cigarettes, marijuana does not harm your lung’s ability to function properly. A study done in 2012 revealed that short-term exposure to cannabis smoke actually helped those who smoked nicotine because it increased their lung function. So, next time someone tries to tell you to put the joint down, you tell them about that study and smoke on.

3. Marijuana is legal in North Korea Photo credit According to the Huffington Post, when it comes to marijuana, North Korea is laid back and has no laws against the sale and its usage. Darmon Ritcher, an English blogger, described his experience buying a bag of weed from a supermarket in Rason, North Korea. “No one seemed to have a problem with us buying the stuff, and so we decided to put it to the ultimate test: purchasing papers from another stall before rolling up and lighting comically over-sized joints right there in the middle of the crowded market,” Richter wrote. “Bizarre as the situation was, it seemed a reasonably safe move … and with several hundred people already staring at us, we weren’t likely to feel any more paranoid than we already were.”

4. Tupac was rolled up and smoked Photo credit The New York Daily News claims that Tupac Shakur’s cremated ashes were mixed with California kush and were rolled up and smoked by his rap group, The Young Outlawz. Before you freak out, this is actually what Tupac requested. Sounds kind of crazy, but what a great way to say a final farewell.

5. It’s basically impossible to overdose on marijuana Photo credit According to a 1988 Drug Enforcement Administration statement from Judge Francis Young, someone who smokes weed would have to consume close to 1,500 pounds of marijuana in roughly 15 minute for it to result in death.

6. Marijuana gave the trapped Chilean miners something to do Photo credit The 33 trapped Chilean miners relied on marijuana to lift their spirits as they awaited their escape back in 2010. However, the were denied the blow-up sex dolls that they requested. Were you aware of these six facts about marijuana? Do you have any bizarre facts that you would like to share? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

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